NEWS 2020:

EUASA is hosting a series of 1 hour sessions for European On-Site Staff to network, discuss topics of interest, and plan the way forward for study abroad in Europe. There will be no presentation or agenda, just a broad theme and a time for voices to be heard and new colleagues to be met, virtually of course. Sessions will be limited to 30 people each to promote full discussion. Registration required. A link to join will be sent once we have accepted your registration.

Thursday 15th October 5-6 pm CET

Developing a Community of On Site Staff in Europe.

Stephen Robinson – Champlain College Dublin
Christine Kelly-Vereda – CASA Granada

Thursday 22nd October 5-6 pm CET

Strengthening the Voice of On Site Staff in Europe.  Register here
Pia Schneider – Iowa State University in Rome
Julia Carnine – Dickinson College in Toulouse

Wednesday 4th November 4-5pm CET

Tales from the Lockdown. Register here
Stephen Robinson – Champlain College Dublin
Michael Wright – Duquesne University in Rome

Friday 20th November – 2-3 pm CET

So, How is Spring Looking? Register here
Loren Ringer – Parsons Paris
Mónica Pérez-Bedmar – APUNE

NEWS 2020:

EUASA presents at the FORUM of EDUCATION ABROAD: Oct.27th 3:45pm CET

EUASA and Study Abroad in Europe: Dealing with the pandemic now and tomorrow  
When COVID-19 hit Europe, the European Association of Study Abroad (EUASA) leveraged its large network to ensure that its members were in close contact in order to share information and best practice as it evolved. EUASA was able to gather data since early March 2020, will lead a discussion of how European programs are adapting to changes and what future models are envisioned by its many members.

Sept 24th 2020: EUASA offered a FREE ONLINE EVENT

Study Abroad Community Connects: Personal Impact

The sector faces unprecedented challenges and the need for collective reflection on what has happened, where we are presently, and what our future might look like. Come share your stories and experiences in a supportive, collegial and practical discussion. We encourage on-site staff, faculty and program directors from across Europe and the US to join us for an interactive, “Town Hall” style session.


Due to Covid-19 travel restrictions EUASA’s annual Assembly and Board Meeting hosted by APUNE (Madrid) took place online. All EUASA representatives attended and the minutes of the meeting can be found on EUASA’s website under the page “member area”.  ​

EUASA in BRUSSELS, January 20th 2020:

EUASA delegates visited the ERASMUS+ offices in Brussels and met with the officers of the DG for EDUCATION& CULTURE  and with the officers of the DG MIGRATION&HOME AFFAIRS. The meeting was a first step to inform the officers about the reality and the economic impact of Study Abroad in Europe.


NEWS 2019:

Project Call for Collaborators  “Resident Directors in Europe

EUASA  undertakes a research project which aims to conduct a study on the role, understanding, responsibility, career, challenges, concerns, satisfaction, and support for study abroad Resident Directors, specifically those living and working in Europe.
Deadline to enroll: January 30


EUASA presented at the LUNCH PLENARY SESSION its mission and future goals.
Pia Schneider introduced the various representatives of AAUP CZ, AAECG, ASAPI, APUAF, AASAPev, AUCS, AACUPI and APUNE to the large audience. 


EUASA’s CRITICAL DIALOGUE on Tuesday Oct 16th with 40 participants was very well received.

EUASA’s SECOND ANNUAL BOARD MEETING took place on Wednesday, Oct 17th.
As a special guest, Heidi Manley, chief of U.S. Study Abroad, U.S. Department of State, attended the meeting.  

EVENTS 2017:

Sept 12-15 2017 ​EAIE CONFERENCE in SEVILLE EUASA participated at a Poster Session (#207) at the EAIE conference on Sept 13th which was entitled: ADVOCATING A EUROPEAN PERSPECTIVE IN STUDY ABROAD: EUASA (European Association of Study Abroad) Pia K.Schneider and GF. Borio presented the poster to the audience:

May 5th 2017 ​ANNUAL ASSEMBLY AND BOARD MEETING in GENEVA ​The ​annual ordinary EUASA ​Assembly 2017 and Board Meeting did successfully take place at Webster University on May 5th 2017 at 10am at Route de Collex 15​,​ Bellevue-Geneva. Present at the meeting were 13 representatives of the European Associations from Greece, Switzerland, UK, Italy, France and Germany and a special delegate from the Global Education USA services.

March 29-31 2017 FORUM OF EDUCATION ABROAD, SEATTLE EUASA did participate in the Forum of Education Abroad Conference in Seattle with a lunchtime conversation on THURSDAY MARCH 30 from 12-1.30pm. Title of the session: INTRODUCING EUASA (European Association of Study Abroad): WHERE ARE WE GOING? NEW FRONTIER?

Alexis Phylactopoulos (AAECG Greece) and Gian Franco Borio (AACUPI Italy) presenting EUASA at the Forum in Seattle March 2017. Their short message from conference was: “In a rapidly changing and politically challenged Europe, we believe that Education & Study Abroad is a key to the future … and EUASA seeks to play a crucial role to facilitate the process and to increase student mobility in Europe”.

NEWS 2018:

March 21-13 THE ​FORUM OF EDUCATION ABROAD in BOSTON EUASA participated at the Breakfast Connections at the Forum conference on Friday March 23rd.

NEWS 2016:

EUASA presented at the Forum of Education Abroad Conference in Athens, Oct 5-7th, 2016. The event was EUASA’s first public announcement at a Study Abroad event. Save & Exit


EVENTS 2016:




“INTRODUCING EUASA, A PAN-EUROPEAN ORGANIZATION: HOW CAN WE CREATE A BARRIER-FREE ZONE FOR STUDY ABROAD IN EUROPE?” The session was led by Pia Schneider (Iowa State University of Science and Technology and AACUPI); Jana Čemusová (CIEE and AAUP CZ); Loren Ringer (The New School/Parsons Paris and APUAF); Stephen Robinson (Champlain College and AASAPI); Gian Franco Borio (AACUPI). The session was attended by approx. 40 people. 26 of the participants are members of European national associations that constitute EUASA. The main business of  the session was to generate new ideas and define short-term as well as long-term goals for EUASA. Such was accomplished through discussions in four working groups who focused on the following topics:

  1. Legal Framework in the EU
  2. Applying US Policies in the EU
  3. Safety& Security in EU/US
  4. Mental Health and Substance Abuse in EU/US

The outcomes of the session were reported at the second EUASA Board meeting following the session in Athens. The report of the meeting is available under the menu Members area.




The second Board Meeting in 2016 did take place in Athens, at the Forum of Education Abroad, on Friday Oct 7th at 4.30pm. The minutes of the meeting are available under the menu Members area.


EVENTS 2015:

Several meetings took place to discuss the goals and the mission of EUASA

Second EUASA Preparation Meeting, June 5th, 2015, Geneva


Second EUASA Preparation Meeting, Nov 6th, 2015, Berlin

EVENTS 2014:

The European Associations meet for lunch in Oct 25th, 2014, Barcelona


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