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EUASA Letter to the US State Department | March 8th 2023 | US Department of Education's proposed changes to Title IV policy
The European Association of Study Abroad E.U.A.S.A. is a group of national Associations that represent primarily North American programs operating in Europe.

This not for profit organization seeks to give visibility  and advocacy to study abroad programs to facilitate student mobility within Europe, to foster international understanding and to improve communication, standards of best practice and share key information useful to all members of the association.

The purpose of the Association is primarily to address the many complex issues affecting the establishment and functioning of such programs in Europe and provide specific up-to-date information on fiscal, legal and immigration matters in the EU area.

Founding Members:

AAECG  Association of American Educational and Cultural Organizations in Greece
AACUPI Association of American College and University Programs in Italy
AASAPeV Association of American Study Abroad Programs in Germany
AAUP CZ  Association of American University Programs in the Czech Republic
APUAF  Association of American University Programs in France
ASAPI  Association of Study Abroad Providers in Ireland
AUCS  Association of American Universities and Colleges Switzerland

Associate Members:

APUNE Association of North American University Programs in Spain

Associations Interested in EUASA:

AAEC Austrian American Educational Commission


EUASA member associations intend to create a platform sharing key information between the individual national associations (AACUPI, AAECG, ASAPI, AAUP/CZ, APUAF, AUCS, APUNE, etc.), and discuss how it can assist with promoting, facilitating, and reinventing study abroad in Europe;

EUASA members intend to provide training, support best practice and offer better services both on a European level and locally to their national member associations;

EUASA intends to offer a European perspective in regards to immigration, fiscal and labor laws, useful to the various national associations, to their individual programs and to individual students;

EUASA as a European-wide association would like to increase visibility and influence with national governments through their ministries moving towards the European Union, in Brussels, in order to negotiate common, simplified legal, fiscal and immigration rules for our programs in the EU/Schengen area;

EUASA as a Pan-European association intends to lobby the EU government in order to facilitate student mobility within Europe, possibly by following existing models (ex. Erasmus/Erasmus Mundi).

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