Active Membership will allow you to be part of the international platform sharing key information between the national associations and will provide you support and training with the intent to facilitate study abroad in Europe, overcoming national bureaucratic obstacles. Membership will offer you a European perspective in regards to immigration, fiscal and labor laws and you will receive newsletters with updates on relevant matters in the EU/Schengen area.


If you are national association and would like to become an active member of EUASA please contact:

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Initiation Fee:

Associations seeking Active Membership* in 2016 will pay an initiation fee of 400 Euros upon application. Associations seeking Active Membership starting January 1, 2017, will pay an initiation fee of 500 Euros upon application.

Annual Dues:

Active Membership will require annual dues of 400 Euros payable in advance in one payment by November 30st of each year. Associate Membership (non-voting) will require annual dues of 300 Euros payable in advance in one payment by November 30st of each year.


UBS Business Current Account,

Rue des Noirettes 35, 1227 Carouge, Geneva, Switzerland

IBAN  CH470024024094099360C


*The status of Active Members of the Association may only be conferred on national associations of study abroad educational institutions, both public and private, and of North American-affiliated educational institutions, as well as national associations of individual members, or of mixed institutional and individual membership which are in any way committed to the advancement of study abroad at the university level. They must be headquartered in Europe, validly established there and operate as non-profit entities according to the relevant national legislation. The Board may consider membership applications coming from associations covering more than one country, as the case may be (by way of example: the Iberian Peninsula, Benelux, the Nordic Region, the Baltic Region, the Balkan Region, etc.)

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