• Oct 5th 40th Anniversary AACUPI
  • Nov 9 2018 Workshop Building Resilience in SA, University of California Rome Center
  • Dec 14 2018 LFMO meeting at University of Massachusetts, Siena
  • Feb 8 2019 LFMO meeting at University of Giorgia Studies Abroad, Cortona
  • April 13 2019 LFMO meeting at Richmond, American International University in London, Florence
  • Oct 4-5 2019 LFMO meeting at Gonzaga University, Florence
  • Dec 13 2019 LFMO meeting at Arcadia University College of Global Studies, Perugia
  • Resident Assistants at the St. John’s University Rome Campus

AASAP e.V. Germany:

  •  Nov. 17-18, Annual membership meeting 2017 at Viadrina University, Frankfurt/Oder

AAUP CZ Czech Republic:

  •  Dec 1st, Workshop on student diversity at NYU, Prague

APUAF France:

  • ​June 1 2018:​ Atelier Santé Mentale (download)
  • Nov 10 2017: Workshop: “From One Continent to Another: Asian Students, American Programs, French Culture” at CEA, Paris.
  • March 16 2018: 10th Anniversary of APUAF & Annual Directors’ Meeting at the Château de Vincennes, Paris.
  • March 17 2018: Biannual General Assembly at Parsons Paris.
  • March 15&16 2019: Annual Directors’ Meeting at the Université Catholique de Lille.
  • Seeking Instructor, teaching courses on the EU, Institute for American Universities, Aix-en-Provence